BDB is horizontally and a vertically scalable platform.

At BDB, we recognize that a Business Decision Platform has to be as flexible as its customers are unique. From Decision makers to the IT mavens, making an informed decision takes the right information. BDB delivers everything you need, neatly on the cloud. We have the best expertise to increase your ROI and give Pervasive BI with Augmented Analytics on your data.

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Why Customers Choose BDB Solutions


Leverage Data at will via in-memory or live data connections with speed and agility.

Customisation and Scalability

Personalise according to the requirements and roll our BDB Platform at all Department levels.


Assign security permissions at any level with multitenancy feature.


Users can avail Self-Service BI, Dashboarding, and Big Data all under one platform.

Simplified Management
Interactive GUI

Appealing graphical user interface for simple yet enchanted feel.

Security Compliance
Security Compliance

CA resilient security infrastructure complying PCI-DSS standards.


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