Education Analytics Solution

Simplify data across departments, from data preparation to identifying historical trends, conducting predictive analytics, and creating insightful visualizations, Yujaa offers a full suite of end-to-end data analytics solutions on SAAS model

  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Internal & External Assessment
  • Board Level Scorecard
  • School Improvement Plan
  • Admission / Enrollment Analysis
  • Custom Reports
  • Survey Solution
  • Data Insight Report
  • Professional Learning Management System

KPIs of BDB Education Analytics

  • Accountability Transparency

  • Accuracy and Consistency

  • Actionable Recommendations

  • Assessment DEIJ Practices

  • Student Outcomes

  • Compliances

  • Curriculum Improvement

  • Data Accessibility

  • Data Centralization

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Data Driven Insights

  • Data Driven Instruction

  • Data Informed Decision Making

  • Decision Making

  • Deployment

  • Detailed Insights

  • Diversity Inclusion

  • Early Intervention

  • Efficient Data Management

  • Employee Engagement Performance

  • Enhanced Organizational Culture

  • Enhanced Recruitment Efforts

  • Enhanced Teaching Strategies

  • Enhanced Teaching

  • Evidence Based Decision Making

  • Exports

  • Guided Implementation

  • Identification Student Trends

  • Identifying Competitiveness

  • Improved Desision Making

  • Improved Educational Outcomes

  • Improved Student Outcomes

  • Improving School Reputation

  • In Depth Insights

  • Individualized Support

  • Instant Access

  • Instant Accessibility

  • Interactive Detail

  • Long Term Planning

  • Longitudinal Analysis

  • Monitor Vital Signs

  • Negotiating Contracts Union Relations

  • Parent Engagement

  • Performance Comparison

  • Personalized Learning

  • Retention Employee Satisfaction

  • Saas Platform

  • School Accountability

  • Seamless Data Integrations

  • Staff Development

  • Strategic Focus

  • Strategic Planning

  • Structured Approach

  • Teacher Evaluation

  • Time Efficiency

  • Understanding Strengths Weeknesses

  • Unify Data

BDB Education Analytics Features

Worldwide Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking

  • Worldwide Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking solution designed to evaluate the current standing of school in region or globally so that leadership team can make data informed decision.
  • By comparing their compensation and benefits packages with other educational institutions, they gain valuable context and insights into their performance.
Data Pipeline solutions
Data Pipeline solutions

IB Analysis

  • IB Solution has been designed to analyse the performance of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) in detail.
  • It provides trend analysis and allows you to compare it with the world average, giving you insights into the best possible subject combinations.
  • This helps schools and administrators to take appropriate measures and improve educational outcomes.
Data Pipeline solutions

School Improvement Plan

  • A School Improvement Plan is a framework that empowers the leadership team to define and manage the school's long-term strategic goals.
  • It entails tracking overarching objectives over an extended period, frequently spanning five years as illustrated below.
  • To ensure forward movement, yearly goals and actionable steps are set at the beginning of each academic year.
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Data Pipeline solutions

Scorecard Analysis

  • Scorecard Solution has been meticulously crafted with the needs of Board Members and the Leadership Team in mind, offering a streamlined way to monitor the comprehensive well-being of the school through a single, intuitive screen.
  • This powerful solution presents a clear and visual snapshot of essential indicators, enabling swift evaluations of status, trends, and crucial supportive data across a range of vital areas.
Data Pipeline solutions

  • Survey Solution provides a comprehensive approach to managing surveys, covering everything from setting up surveys and overseeing administration to collecting data and conducting advanced data analysis.
  • It empowers users to make informed decisions by offering interactive dashboards, sentiment analysis, and historical data analysis.
Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

  • Our DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice) Solution is a comprehensive tool that includes an interactive dashboard and a detailed insights report.
  • It provides you with a deeper understanding of your school's DEIJ landscape, empowering you to make informed decisions to drive positive change.
Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

  • Data Insight solution designed to enhance the teaching and educational experience by leveraging data analytics and predictive capabilities
  • It provides Predictions, Recommendations, and Insights to help educators take their teaching to the next level.
Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

  • MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) solution offers in-depth analysis for teachers and admins to track proficiency and growth over terms.
Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

  • Multi-Assessment Solution is a powerful solution designed for educational institutions to streamline the assessment process, analyse student performance, and make data-driven decisions.
  • It offers a consolidated view of all assessment data, both internal and external, helping schools measure overall proficiency across various departments.
Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

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