Integrate with BDB & make your solutions AI enabled.

All application companies in sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Fintech and others are striving to incorporate packaged and automated analytics into their offerings. BDB enhances these offerings with comprehensive end-to-end features, flexibility, depth, and scalability.

Assisting application providers in transitioning from the challenger quadrant to the leaders quadrant by incorporating seamless analytics for their users.

Maximize Potential with the BDB Platform

Seamless Connections, Robust Integrations, Endless Extensibility.

BDB aligns perfectly with your evolving data strategy, offering unmatched adaptability. Implement SSO, integrate diverse data sources, and ensure top-notch security and scalability to handle data processing and storage. Enjoy features like white labelling, comprehensive monitoring, and flexible data lake options. Deploy in the environment that suits you best — cloud, hybrid, or on-premises — for a tailored experience.

Data Connectors

Effortlessly connect to a vast range of data sources, from everyday spreadsheets and PDFs to big data, cubes, and relational databases, both on-premises and in the cloud. Whether it's application data or web information, BDB’s native connectors make integration seamless and efficient. Experience the ease of having all your data at your fingertips, ready to drive insights and decisions covered by BDB.


GIT Integration

Unlock seamless collaboration and robust version control within your data projects.

  • Integrated Workflow: Directly sync your contents with GIT repositories. Commit, pull, and push without switching tools, streamlining your data operations.
  • Advanced Version Control: Manage project iterations with ease using detailed commit histories and branching, ensuring you can innovate safely without risking project integrity.
  • Global Collaboration: Supports real-time updates, allowing team members across the globe to collaborate effectively and stay aligned on project goals.

3rd Party Monitoring

Stay informed with real-time updates on data flow at every level. The BDB Platform supports comprehensive data observability, ML observability, and cost observability, ensuring you have the visibility you need. Our platform is compatible with popular monitoring tools like Datadog, Prometheus, and Terraform, allowing you to choose the solution that best fits your needs.


The BDB Platform is designed with extensibility at its core, empowering you to tailor the platform to your specific needs.

  • Data Science Library Harness the power of advanced analytics with our extensive Data Science Library. The BDB Platform integrates seamlessly with popular data science libraries, and algorithms enabling you to build, deploy, and manage sophisticated models and algorithms to extract actionable insights from your data.
  • Third-Party Charts Enhance your data visualization capabilities with third-party charts. The BDB Platform supports a wide range of charting libraries, allowing you to create rich, interactive visualizations that cater to your unique business requirements. Whether you prefer D3.js, Highcharts, or any other charting tool, our platform ensures smooth integration for compelling data presentations.
  • Custom Scripting Address complex, custom requirements effortlessly with our robust scripting capabilities. The BDB Platform allows you to use scripts to achieve advanced functionality and automation. Customize workflows, data transformations, and other processes to meet your specific needs, ensuring that the platform adapts perfectly to your business challenges.

Success Stories

  • 01

    Seamless Integration with Leading Student Information System Provider

    Single Sign-On

    Implemented Azure AD for seamless user authentication.

    Data Connectivity

    Unified multiple data sources for comprehensive analytics.


    Leveraged Datadog for robust monitoring and observability.

    Embedded Analytics

    Integrated dynamic dashboards directly into SIS

    Custom Scripting

    Robust scripting capabilities enable seamless legacy system integration.

    Achieved a 10x return on investment, saving two years of time and multi-million dollar efforts in the development of an advanced analytics platform.

  • 02

    Streamlined Integration with Partners' CRM Systems

    Single Sign-On

    Utilized Keycloak for streamlined SSO integration.


    Deployed Zabbix to ensure continuous system performance.

    Embedded Analytics

    Embedded powerful dashboards into CRM applications, enhancing customer relationship management.

    Delivered a seamless experience to over 20,000+ analytics users.

  • 03

    Enhanced Integration with Partner CVM Product

    Single Sign-On

    Integrated Keycloak for secure and efficient user access.


    Implemented Zabbix for comprehensive system monitoring.

    Embedded Analytics

    Embedded intuitive dashboards into CVM applications, providing actionable insights.

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