Gear-up your Data Analytics with BDB On-Premise

Get the ultimate control of security in your hands with BDB On-Premise, a spot-on deployment for all your unique needs of data protection. Expose your business data to the external world safeguarded by our robust security compliance. Get benefitted by the auto-upgrade option provided for BDB On-Premise with each new release. Plan enterprise strategies to grow your business.

Share Data with the Selective Audience
Protect Sensitive Information
Work Seamlessly with Big Data
Competitive Setup & Hardware Cost
Flexible Deployment
Bring All Data Together in One Place

BDB ‘On-Premise’ Deployment

Our core team with over 20 years of hands-on experience in serving hundreds of portal clients has guided us to develop our ‘On-Premise’ portal. Customers can consolidate various data into a single place and visualize via interactive reports and dashboards. The highly scalable and adaptable BDB On-Premise platform enables users to get a 360-degree view of their complex business information across all types of organizations.

Many renown International Institutions in Academics have implemented a complete ‘On-Premise’ BDB solution in collaboration with IDP.


These Education customers primarily used the following services:

Template Dashboards – Predefined dashboard templates (in set of 3 to 10).

Dashboards and Analytics for every entity – Students, Teachers, Principle, Board, Admin.

Survey Analytics - Ability to create Dynamic surveys for real-time analytics.

Benchmark Reports – A set of 10-12 benchmark reports using 100-400 education parameters.

Data Flow:

CSV, Excel, BDB Cloud DB [MySQL]



Academic Role-specific dashboards (in set of 3-10)

Dynamic Apps to Track the Real-time Data (in set of 1-5)

ETL from individual school databases/data-sources

Customer Assistance in Data Quality and Data Management

Number of Users (between 5-25)

Training for optimizing the platform usage

Duration of Implementation:

1-10 weeks

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