Restaurant Analytics

Simplifying Restaurant Analytics with BDB Platform

Implementing Restaurant Analytics with BDB Analytics platform

Today Analytics is an essential element for almost all Industry verticals and the beauty of BizViz is that it can be embedded on any Vertical and Hospitality Industry is one of it. As of now, we are giving it to Restaurants & furthermore it can be expanded for other verticals in Hospitality Industry.

Data Pipeline solutions

How Restaurants can actually get Analytics on Top of their Data?

Data is the most important ingredient for any analytics and we are here to explain what and how BDB analytics cater Restaurants and Hospitality Industry

Where is the Structured Data?

This data should be available with the Restaurant Chain

Structured (Inside the Business) - it tells you WHAT?

  • POS (Revenue, Footfall, Customer Details)
  • Suppliers (Inventory, Prices)
  • Operational - Costs, Revenues, Margins
  • Staff - Wages, Salaries, Tips, Productivity

We Work on the Unstructured Data?

BDB Social Media Browser can be Used to Pull this Data near Real Time

Unstructured (Outside the Business) - it tells you WHY?

  • Social Media - Likes, Trends, Tweets, Shares, Comments
  • Customer Profiles and Loyalty Programs - Details, Preferences etc.
  • Weather, Geographical and Traffic Patterns

What Factors Drive Analytics in Restaurant Segment

Following a conclusive study on various data points, we concluded that there are several factors which affects the footfall positively or negatively while going to a restaurant and the owners do consider that.

Data Insights
Customer Analytics

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Sentiment Analytics
Feedback Analytics - Polls, Survey

Data Insights
Staff Analytics


Data Insights
Operational Analytics

POS Analytics
Inventory Analytics
Season based Analytics - Menu Analytics, Weather Impact Analytics

Data Insights
Sentiment Analytics

Twitter Sentiments (real time feedback)
Survey based Sentiments
Restaurant Comparison Websites

Data Insights
Branding - Loyalty Program Analytics

Gift Cards (Avg. Customer Spends 20% more than Gift Card Value)
Loyalty Programs (Avg. Customer Spends 46% more to Businesses with Loyalty Programs)

Data Insights

Improvising Sales by offer Online
Linking with Food Websites and E-Commerce

Data Insights
Customer Retention Rate

Check Worth of your Promotion Campaign based on Customer Retention Rate

Data Insights
Customer Conversion Rate

Get count of your Converted Customers v/s Visitors

That's How BDB brings every Data type at one place and Cater Analytics Seamlessly

  • Needed a platform which is vertically and horizontally scalable.
  • The platform should be good to integrate with E-Commerce Part of Restaurant Chain.
  • The Platform should be able to Extract Data from POS System, Inventory, Internal Data, Twitter, Facebook, Weather etc. all together, Seamless, near Real time.
  • Platform has Cloud based access, Analytics is available on mobile devices
  • Platform has ability to do Predictive Analysis on all this data together to find
  • Customer Patterns, Outliers, Correlations, Regressions, Classifications
  • Strong Data Scientist Team is required to create Prescriptive Analytics
Data Pipeline solutions
  • Social Media Analytics - Sentiment Analytics using Real Time Messaging Service and Sentiment Engine to Trap Emotions of Customers - Real time or from Websites rating different restaurants
  • Ad Hoc Analysis capabilities - take the POS data and do Slice and Dice - Anyone should be able to do it.
  • Strong UI and Visualization tools to give Advanced Analytics findings that are easy to understand
  • Ability to take Polls, Surveys and Feedbacks from Customers on a real time basis
  • Real Time Analytics, Push Analytics (triggers, Alerts), Pull Analytics
  • Distributed deployment
Data Pipeline solutions
Data Pipeline solutions

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