February 2nd, 2024


New Features
  1. Admin Module:
    1. ENV variable configuration can be done for the Form module of the Platform.
    2. The Refresh option is provided on the Execution Settings page.
    3. The Data Store Settings option supports a password with special characters.
    4. The Story Migration has been renamed as Report Migration.
  2. BI Workflow:
    1. Implemented Data Preparation within the Report module to introduce the BI Workflow.
  3. Data Center:
    1. Data connector
      1. Widget creation is possible based on the Data Connectors that are created with secret credentials.
      2. Athena Connector supports additional parameters.
      3. The HTTP port has been removed for the ClickHouse Data Connector.
    2. Data Set
      1. The Preparation List is displayed as a drawer on the Data Set List page.
    3. Data Preparation
      1. Provided an option to select sheets while creating a Data Preparation with multiple sheets Excel file.
      2. It is possible to select sheets and corresponding preparation while creating a Data Store.
      3. Provided the drawer user interface for creating or opening Data Preparation from the Data Center.
    4. Data Store Meta Data
      1. The Delete icon is displayed in red color under the Data Type Definition page.
      2. Athena Connector supports additional parameters.
      3. The Edit option has been provided in the Data Type Definition tab. If any of the following changes take place in the mapped table, then the related field or field(s) will get highlighted in the Data Type Definition section of the Data Store Meta Data:
        1. Adding new fields into the mapped table from the database.
        2. Removing the existing fields from the database.
        3. Changing the column names from the database.
    5. Data Store
      1. The Delete icon is displayed in red color under the Data Type Definition page.
      2. The Batch Query support has been extended for the Data Stores based on the Mongo DB connectors. The user needs to write a Batch Query for the data stores based on a MongoDB data connector instead of generating it.
      3. Helper notes are provided on the Batch Query page for the ease of Data Store creation.
    6. Data Sandbox
      1. The Preparation List is displayed as a drawer on the Data Sandbox List page.
    7. Data Sheet
      1. The content of the Delete and Publish Notification messages has been modified.
  4. The platform seamlessly supports branding and white labeling processes such as Logo and Copyrights.
  1. Homepage
    1. UI Enhancements for Folder and File tiles
      1. Improved display of the thumbnails.
      2. Document titles are featured at the bottom of each tile for streamlined identification and navigation for users.
  2. Data Center
    1. Enhanced confirmation message for the Data Store Refresh.

Please Note: The File connector has been deprecated from the Data Connector section of the Data Center.


New Features
  1. ML Views
    1. Sentiment Analysis is supported by the ML Views.
    2. The Notes are provided regarding the row limit for the Sentiment Analysis.
    3. The color property is provided for the Segmentation cluster.
  1. Chart Properties:
    1. Insights: The user can change color and font size options
    2. Chart Slider: Slider position and range has been enhanced.
  2. Summary Level logic has been changed for the calculated field.
  3. Chart Themes: The colors of the Chart bars are defined based on the selected measures instead of Categories while displaying data in a report.


New Features
  1. Chart Export: Implemented the CSV option in the chart Export context menu.
  2. Global Property support has been provided for mobile and Tab View.
  1. Dashboard Report Burst: Title and Subtitle are removed from PDF.
  2. Sankey Chart
    1. Implemented query support for source and target fields.
    2. Added indicator support for value field.
    3. Default color for node.
    4. Tooltip precision control as property.
    5. Component Formatter.
  3. Group Bar: Implemented Text Wrap option for the Sub-category field.
  4. Decomposition chart: Implemented loader while expanding the other node.
  5. DataGrid: Implemented the checkbox property for multi-selection.

Data Science Lab

New Features
  1. Introducing the Repo Sync Projects with the following functionalities:
    1. Added the Repo Sync option at the Project creation level to enable project-level synchronization with the Git repository.
    2. Projects synchronized with a Git repository contain a Git console option.
    3. Repository contents are presented in a specific folder structure, with options to Add File and Add Folder within a repo sync project.
    4. Introduced Data Science Lab Project Migration for the Repo Sync Projects.
    5. Users can switch Git branches for a Repo Sync project directly from the user interface.
    6. User Interface indicators are available for files in conflict.
    7. Notification for Repo Sync Projects is now included in the Project List.
  2. A re-register option is now available for Data Science Lab scripts
  3. Share Model: Provided the Share option for sharing models with other users.

Data Pipeline

New Features
  1. Alerts in Job: Receive notifications upon completion of your jobs, indicating success or failure for immediate action.
  2. Introducing on-demand Python Jobs:
    1. Execute jobs when needed.
    2. Trigger instant job execution via UI/API payloads.
    3. Scale up workload with parallel processing based on message input.
  3. System Logs for Spark and PySpark Jobs: Access system logs (pod logs) for Spark and PySpark Jobs.
  4. Delete orphan pod in Job: An option to delete orphan pods is provided in the Advanced Logs tab.
  5. Jobs Execution Logs: Display execution logs for all instances in the History section on the List Jobs page.
  6. Auto Connect Feature: The Auto-Connect feature aims to streamline the pipeline development process and enhance user convenience by connecting components with a Kafka topic in a pipeline.
  7. Format Pipeline Workflow: Improved readability of complex pipeline workflows, reducing the cognitive load on users.
  8. Settings:Enhanced the System Component Status page.
  9. View Job Drawer: Users can view the configurations and other fields for the selected active job.
  1. UI/UX enhancements:
    1. Improved user interface of the pop-up windows for creating Kafka and Data Sync Events.
    2. Added a Show More button for logs in both the pipeline log panel and the job log panel.
    3. Added Push/ Pull Pipeline slider for Git migration in the Pipeline Editor and Job Editor pages.
    4. Pipeline Monitoring: Enhanced the user interface for the Data Metrics page.
    5. Failure Event Highlight: By hovering over a Failure Event, the corresponding component gets highlighted.