The Machine Conference 2018

Machine Conference is Presented by Cartesian Consulting.

Key-Note Speaker at MachineCon Conference 2018

Avin Jain

CEO and Founder of BDB

An entrepreneur with more than 2 decades of Software experience, Technology Evangelist & a leader Read More....


The Machine Conference 2018 is an upcoming conference of Analytics & Data Science leaders. The event calls forth 50 veteran analytics leaders together to learn and do business. The list of invitees is handpicked by the organizers to celebrate the success of Data Science in India and discuss the current challenges in transforming Big Data into meaningful insights by implementing algorithms and designing new business models.

BDB is there on the exclusive list of invitees being an exceptional organization to encourage implementation of advanced data analytics in every part of life. Founder & CEO, Avin Jain would take a key session on the interactive data exploration techniques offered by the BDB Decision Platform to transform Big Data into decisive insights whiles team BDB showcases the platform to the esteemed audience.


11th May 2018



To be Attended by

Our Sales Team

Key Points:
  1. Enhancing data quality of submerging data in the Digital Era
  2. Integrating the Predictive models with innovative visual data analytics
  3. Refining value, privacy, and authenticity of Big Data
  4. Transforming business by taking insightful decisions
BDB is the 'Exhibit Sponser' at MachineCon Conference 2018:

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