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When it comes to events, we're literally all over the map. Look for the next time, we'll be in your area—we'd love, if you drop in and say hello.


Let’s take you through various events we organized, supervised or boasted to be a part of, in the recent past and our upcoming ground plan for the near future. Highly interactive webinars, with equally projective dimensions, have always attributed to viable thought process at all levels of supremacy. Conferences we patronize, have always taken us exponentially higher in all terms of apprehension. Workshops conducted at our section, not only lead to the strengthening of our organizational associations , but they also play a major role in benefiting our counterparts at large. Our recruitment policies and hiring agenda at various institutions across the nation, have mortared our paths through all constraints and impracticalities.



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The Fifth Elephant

Gathering of 1000+ practitioners from the data ecosystem

LDN 2019

Bringing clarity of decision to your complex business data

To accelerate initiatives with refined approach towards technologies

Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit

The Machine Conference 2018

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2018

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019


We at BDB, are not just confined to dinners, ball games, shows, and summits. A healthy interaction with our valuable customers is welcome virtually. When it comes to webinar BDB is all over on the world map to fascinate its audience. Just tune in and stay informed about the latest enhancements of our innovative Data Analytics technology.


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