Video Analytics

Technology Counterfeiting Human Mind

  • BDB can harness huge troves of data to make accurate predictions and to unearth hidden insights. It has utilized the power of Artificial Intelligence based on Image classification, Text recognition, Object detection, Face detection, Crowd counting, and many more.
  • We can do the detection and determination of temporal and spatial events. Such technologies can help industries ranging from Agriculture to Services to improve their operations, provide better customer service and develop new offerings.

BDB Video Analytics Features

BDB's Video Analytics

  • Agriculture is an essential industry for all the major economies of the world. The primary intent of the agriculture industry is to increase productivity by optimizing the methods of farming.
  • In this decade intervention of technology can be appreciated to feed the world. BDB’s Video Analytics can discover covered crop area, maturity, counting on a tree, etc. It will improve production planning and management of import and export.

Brand Detection

We live in the stint of consumer empowerment led by abundant information and communities. A brand must have a clear brand-positioning-differentiation-integrity standing. Branding can change how people and market percept your brand. Sports events have long been used for brand awareness for which the companies invest millions of dollars. What if you can't measure the ROI? BDB's advanced Brand Detection technique not only lets you track your brand for every second; it even measures the impact that the brand advertisements have created.

BDB Real time & batch Orchestration

Video Classification

  • More than 400 hours of content is being uploaded on YouTube every single minute. In a world, flooded with a huge amount of content, the need for content/video classification is a must to help viewers find the content of interest.
  • Video Classification lets you analyze the type of branding, advertisement, obscene or actual meaningful content.

Face & Emotion Recognition

  • Face & Emotion Recognition is a necessary requirement to facilitate a better understanding of humans and machines.
  • Due to advancement in human-machine interaction technologies like Artificial Reality(AR), Virtual Reality(VR), Driver Assistant Systems and entertainment, the need for emotion recognition is increasing rapidly.
  • Implement & benefit from the state of art emotion recognition solutions provided by BDB.
BDB Real time & batch Orchestration