Self Service Report

The (Self-Service) Report module is designed to empower business users to create compelling data stories without the need for technical expertise.

With its intuitive interface and wide range of features, Self Service Report makes it easy to craft visually appealing and informative stories that can help you communicate your insights to others more effectively.

Why Choose Self Service Report?

  • Ease of use: Report is designed to be easy to use for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. With its intuitive interface and intuitive design, you can start creating stories right away.
  • Powerful features: Report offers a wide range of features, including data preparation, machine learning, and interactive elements. This gives you the flexibility to create stories that are tailored to your specific needs and audience.
  • Flexibility: Report is highly scalable and can be used to create stories of all sizes and complexity. Whether you're creating a simple story for a team meeting or a complex story for a board presentation, all can be handled.
  • Feature richness: Report offers a wider range of features including data preparation, machine learning, and interactive elements.
  • Affordability: Using Reports can be quiet a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

BDB Self Service Report Features:

Unified Self Service Report for Comprehensive Insights

  • Effortlessly craft a single business narrative featuring Multiple Tabs, each displaying data from various categories.
  • This approach offers a comprehensive 360-degree view without the need to create multiple reports.
  • Save time and effort by creating a unified self service report with multiple tabs, showcasing data across different categories. This consolidated approach provides holistic insights, eliminating the need for extensive report generation.
Data Pipeline solutions
Data Pipeline solutions

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Easily create charts by dragging and dropping dimensions and measures onto the canvas, or search for fields and swiftly plot the chart.

Data Pipeline solutions

Connect to Your Data Sources with Ease

  • Create a data store using either a custom query or the data sandbox option, or upload CSV or Excel files to add data to your workspace.
BDB Self Service low code
Data Pipeline solutions

Clean Your Data Hassle-Free

  • Enrich your data before crafting your Report with the data preparation feature, which offers over 100+ data transformations for thorough data cleansing and enrichment.
Data Pipeline solutions

Make predictions on your data swiftly with BDB platform's machine learning capabilities, facilitating faster decision-making. With just a click, easily detect anomalies, timeseries & segmentation in your data to streamline the process of identifying unusual or irregular patterns.

Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

  • Choose from variety of captivating themes that suits for visualizing the Self Service Report and attract the audience attention to the main points of the story.
Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

Tailor your exports using specific properties and settings with our platform's wide range of export options, making the Report more accessible and manageable.

Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

  • Narrow down your analysis to specific datasets or parameters with global filters, helping you focus on relevant information
  • Global filters can make your analysis more clear and concise, as you can easily switch between different views or perspectives.
  • They can also help maintain data integrity by ensuring that only valid and relevant data is included in your analysis.
Pipeline & Process Monitoring

Uncover specific trends, outliers, and patterns within the data with drill-down and drill-through capabilities, supporting a deeper understanding of the underlying information. Drill-down and drill-through functions enhance data exploration by providing context and allowing users to access additional information as needed for more comprehensive analysis.

Fault Tolerant and Auto Recovery

This innovative feature takes global filtering to the next level, allowing users to choose multiple perspectives within the storyboard for targeted filtering. With just a single click, all eligible views for interactions are automatically filtered.

Fault Tolerant and Auto Recovery

  • The responsive Search interprets human languages through computational linguistics to analyze the data and give appropriate outcomes.
  • Auto-Suggestions to make the data discovery even faster.
Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

Leverage our Rich Charting Library, featuring an extensive collection of more than 20 chart options, to effectively plot your data and extract meaningful insights.
Discover actionable insights effortlessly with our diverse array of charts, designed to transform your data into a visual story, all available within our Charting Library.

Cloud Agnostic & Hybrid Deployment

Facilitate effortless creation of customized calculated fields within users' chosen Data Store. This versatile feature empowers users with the flexibility to perform calculations or integrate specific data ranges.

Parallel & Distributed Processing

Introduce a timeline option, allowing users to interactively explore data changes and trends within self-service reports over specific time periods.

Parallel & Distributed Processing

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