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  • BDB’s Total Cost of Ownership is up to 50% of competition.
  • Time to Deploy is 2X faster than alternatives & it has more features than any other competitive product.
  • We offer – Private Cloud, SaaS, On-Premise, and Hybrid Cloud Deployments.
  • We allow White Labelling as we have the capability of integration with various software applications.
  • Our customers can count on 24x7 support at very affordable rates.

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BDB provides flexible Licensing and Pricing options

Visualization Package

Dashboard Designer, Self Service BI, AI based Search, and Mobility.

Analytics Package
Analytics Package

Visualization Package+ Basic Predictive Analytics, R and Python based analytics.

End to End Analytics
End to End Analytics

Visualization package+ Analytics Package, Data Wrangling and Pipeline.

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BDB Analytics Platform placed in Top-30 of Gartner Peer Insights (Globally)