Financial Analytics

Plan the next business move based on relevant financial insights

Advanced technology and communication have led to growth in data and information which ushered the financial sector to change from being "Customer Focused" to "Customer Centric" segment. The Variety of data that banks possess in huge Volume needs to be treated with Velocity to generate decisive insights. Organizations that apply analytics on customer data tend to have an increased market share by enabling conversion of potential lead into customers.

Data Pipeline solutions

Banking sector

  • BDB renders end to end analytics for the financial sector, ranging from branch data modification to self-service business intelligence.
  • Now banks can clean their data using the Data Preparation tool, predict an increase or decrease in total number of customers in the future, and visualize their analyzed data in the form of charts. BDB has contributed to some of the non-core banking solutions in optimizing their hiring processes by working on the HR workflows and implementing the data science aspect on them.
  • PySpark layer enables BDB to work successfully with billions of rows. Model performance tuning is also possible with the BDB Decision Platform.
Data Pipeline solutions
Data Pipeline solutions

Insurance sector

  • Recommendation reports for Sales representative have been developed by using the BDB Predictive Workbench.
  • The BDB platform has been integrated with various healthcare applications. The Self-service BI reports along with AI-based Search has proved to be a boon for the insurance sector.
  • BDB Predictive Workbench with custom visualization is another advantage for the executives using the dashboards.
Data Pipeline solutions

Small Businesses

  • Almost all the financial officers and accountants who need to deal with multiple finance related aspects prefer Tally/QuickBooks in and out. However, in this data-driven world, it is hard to find instant insights through extensive data.
  • They badly require a solution to analyze their financial data within some clicks. BDB platform enables users to derive relevant insights from the extensive business data and plan appropriate business strategies.
  • They can have a periodic view of asset and liability allocation, bills payable, bills receivable, expense allocation, cash flow analysis, ratio analysis in the form of intuitive visual reports and dashboards.
Data Pipeline solutions
Data Pipeline solutions

KPIs of BDB Financial Analytics

Data Insights
Activity Ratio

Determine the ability of the comapny to convert its balance sheet accounts into revenue.

Data Insights
Solvency Ratio

Calculate comapany's cash flow sufficiency to meet short tem and long term liabilities.

Data Insights
Liquidity ratio

Govern debtor's ability to pay off current debt obligations without raising external capital.

Data Insights
Profitability ratios

Evaluate the company's ability to generate income as compared to its expenses and other cost associated with the generation of income during a particular period.

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