BDB Data Search

  • Effortlessly generate reports through our NLP-based Data Search using English.
  • The Data Search functionality allows users to search for specific data queries across data stores using text or voice.
  • Search for any data query related to the selected data store and instantly get result in the View format.

BDB AI Data Search

Customizable Charting

  • Go beyond the default charts and select the most suitable charting option from the menu to represent your data.
  • Access over 25 charting options on our Design canvas to ensure the desired look and feel of your View.

Versatility Across Data Stores

  • Explore information from all the available Data Stores.
  • Experience Hassle-free and comprehensive data exploration across various data stores.

Enhanced Search Experience

  • Refine your data search with the help of precise suggestions.
  • Use the power of NLP to enhance the existing search suggestions and rapidly avail more accurate search results.

Flexible Result Handling

  • Directly pin your search results into your existing reports.
  • Store your search outcome to database for future reference.

  • Add more synonyms to the Data Store to make your chart creation more fun and intuitive.
  • Get meaningful suggestions based on the integrated synonyms to boost your Data Search as well as View creation process.

  • Use voice commands to effectively search through your data.
  • Experience this straightforward, user-friendly, and touchless technology to create informative visual reports for you.

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