Let your data make sense instantly, generate automated data insights.

BDB Data Insights feature in BDB Business Story generates automated data insights in a single click. As soon as the data store is ready, one can generate possible visualizations & KPIs automatically related to data fields which makes it convenient for any business user, data analyst, data scientist to unearth instant insights without wasting countless hours of manual data analysis.

Machine Learning Based Insights

BDB Data Insights is based on machine learning unsupervised algorithms that find the correlation between your data fields and uncover hidden insights. Forget about even choosing data fields, it automatically identifies the list of key data fields and provides basic insights around it.

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NLG Capabilities

Generates text-based narratives for automated data insights in human language. It helps understanding data like never before. Add these data insights and visualization instantly to business story and data reports.

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Features of Data-insights

Proficiency Analysis
Single Click Insight

Automated insights generation through machine learning algorithms.

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Time & Effort Saver

Saves countless hours of manual data analysis.

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Unleash what you are missing

Discover hidden insights & trends, key drivers by analysing massive data in minutes.

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Accelerate decision making

Helps in making better, faster & informed decisions.

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