Data Insights

Streamline your data exploration effortlessly with our user-friendly Data Search feature.

  • Discover the BDB Data Search feature, where users can craft compelling data narratives through both text and voice search capabilities.
  • Empower users to uncover precise data insights within our extensive Data Stores.
  • Seamlessly conduct searches using text or voice inputs, providing flexibility and ease of use.
  • Dive into various levels of detail within the data, allowing for comprehensive exploration and analysis.
  • Engage with our interactive search option to navigate through the data with precision and efficiency.

BDB Data Insights Features

Intuitive Search Interface

  • Initiate a textual search by inputting your queries into the provided search space.
  • Search for specific keywords or phrases relevant to your analysis needs.
  • Watch as our system swiftly retrieves relevant data insights in real-time.
  • Empower yourself with instant access to valuable information tailored to your search query.

Effortless Query with Voice Recognition

  • Activate the microphone icon to initiate hands-free searching.
  • Speak your query aloud, utilizing voice commands.
  • Our advanced system interprets your words in real-time.
  • Enjoy precise results delivered without the need for manual typing.
  • Seamlessly explore data through voice-powered technology.
BDB Real time & batch Orchestration

Features of Data-insights

Data Insights
Single Click Insight

A sample survey that is used to track customer's mobile usage and preferences.

Data Insights
Time & Effort Saver

Saves countless hours of manual data analysis.

Data Insights
Unleash what you are missing

Discover hidden insights & trends, key drivers by analysing massive data in minutes.

Data Insights
Accelerate decision making

Helps in making better, faster & informed decisions.

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