BDB aims at Hiring "Smart and Dedicated Individuals"

We want team players who will collaborate with colleagues to maximize their output. In a product team, overall output matters more than individual brilliance. Negative thinking employees have a harmful impact on their teams and organization. We are looking for aligned individuals who want to work on a product and want to solve ‘Hard Problems’. We want people who want to dig deep rather than just covering shallow shores. In a nutshell, we want Open Minds who have the passion for innovation, performance, quality, and clean design and who can work as part of a team.

Current Openings

At BDB, we hire really great people. The kind of people that let their passion and work speak for itself. And we think that says a lot about us.

Data Scientist

Big Data Engineer

Product Engineer

Sales Executives

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Life @ BDB

BDB’s goal is to create ‘best of the breed’ engineers who are responsible and create innovative solutions. If you are looking for a short-term career then BDB is not a workplace you should go with. If you stay with our organization for 5+ years, a career at BDB will prove to be very rewarding. BDB believes in partnership and growing together. We cherish freedom and responsibility

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