Introducing Data as Service API Feature through BDB Platform

REST APIs is the next big wave for the SAAS platform. In essence, API as a Service allows authorized users to interact with third-party APIs or manage their custom APIs via a software Platform. The Data Analytics Platform that provides this facility to use Data as an API Service has two key elements: 1. The ability to build, test, and deploy one’s API services, and 2. The ability to connect an application with third-party APIs.

Data as a Rest service API operates on the premise that data quality can occur in a centralized place by cleansing/enriching data and offering it to different systems, applications, or users, irrespective of where they were in the organization, or on the entire network.

Until now BDB Platform (5.2) was able to process a huge amount of data and end-user was consuming the processed data via Governed Dashboard or Self-Service dashboard or by embedding dashboards to their applications. BDB Platform (R-5.5) introduces Data as a Service API feature through the Data Center module which will enable expose of the processed data to the authorized user as API using Data as a Service API feature.

As valued Customers and large SI partners receive BDB Platform as their de-facto Data Platform in their internal Data Analytics implementation the need of getting Data as API Service is increasing day by day. The internal Data of customers that get consumed by various other Applications and Web Portals in the case of IoT or Edge related projects (using connected devices) is getting processed in the BDB Platform.

Advantage of using Data in form of API Service

  • Agility - users can move quickly, due to the simplicity of data access, and not needing extensive knowledge of the underlying data. Data structures and location-specific requirements can be modified to meet user needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness - providers can build the base with the data experts and outsource the presentation layer, which makes for very cost-effective user interfaces and makes change requests at the presentation layer much more feasible. So, Customers/Partners can create Custom UI Layers or Use Other Visualization Tools to create their dashboards with these REST API calls.
  • Data Quality - data access is controlled through data services, which tends to improve data quality, as there is a single point for updates.
  • Data Monetization - This will help companies doing Data Analytics Implementation on BDB to use Rest API calls as a data monetization method to serve external Applications or Public Portals accessing that kind of data.